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What is the difference between the Model 700 ADL and the BDL?

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The ADL-BDL designations were originally acronyms for A Grade Deluxe and B Grade Deluxe. The deluxe term was once tacked on to the end of the model designation: Model 700 ADL Deluxe and Model 700 BDL Custom Deluxe.

Both models use similar barreled actions, which feature the strongest actions made, exceptionally crisp triggers and 3.0 millisecond lock times. However, the Model 700 BDL is fit with a hinged floor plate or detachable magazine (DM) that allows the shooter to unload ammunition through the bottom of the rifle by opening the floor plate or removing the magazine. The Model 700 ADL uses a blind magazine and can only be unloaded through the top by working the bolt open and closed.

Both models are offered in variety of styles, calibers and options to meet individual needs, preferences, and hunting conditions. The Model 700 ADL was discontinued in 2005.


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