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Cleaning, Lubrication, and Maintenance


Routine maintenance is essential to keeping your Pump Action Model 870 firearm in top condition for years to come.

Lubrication And Maintenance

WARNING! Look into the ejection port and check the chamber and magazine to make sure there are no shells in the firearm before cleaning or storing.


  1. Use the instructions and the equipment provided in a good shotgun cleaning kit. For recommendations, see your Remington® Authorized Gunsmith or dealer.
  2. Select the correct gauge cleaning brush and attach the brush to the cleaning rod.
  3. Put the cleaning brush into gun cleaning solvent.
  4. Push the cleaning rod through the barrel several times.
  5. Push the correct size cleaning patch through the bore.
  6. Repeat several times using a clean patch each time until the patch is not dirty.
  7. Remove all shooting residue from the locking notch in the barrel. See Picture 17.


  1. Remove the choke tube from the barrel.
  2. Clean the choke tube including the threads with gun cleaning solvent and wipe dry.
  3. Apply Rem™ Oil on threads and reassemble the choke tube to the barrel following the instructions in the How to Assemble section.

WARNING! After cleaning, make sure the barrel is free of obstructions.


Clean as a unit. Brush with cleaning solvent and wipe clean and dry.


Brush the inside of the receiver with cleaning solvent and wipe dry.

WARNING! There may be sharp edges inside the receiver. Keep fingers covered or gloved when wiping.


NOTE: Clean as a unit with Rem™ Oil only. See NOTE at the bottom of the Lubrication section below.

Spray the trigger plate assembly with Rem™ Oil as shown. See Picture 18. Let stand for 15 minutes. Spray again to wash off components. Shake off excess lubricant.


WARNING! Excessive use of a non-recommended lubricant could adversely affect the function and safe operation of your firearm.

How To Reassemble

  1. Check to make sure that the end of the action bar lock is below the end of the left connector. See Picture 19.
  2. Carefully insert the trigger plate assembly (carrier first) into the receiver.
  3. Position to align the holes and tap in front and rear trigger plate pins.
  4. Place the fore-end assembly over the magazine tube.

NOTE: Steps 5 & 6 are for Model 870™ Super Magnum™ only.

  1. Slide port cover spring into position in the bottom of the bolt.
  2. Align the port cover and slide forward until the port cover snaps into position.
  3. Position the slide block assembly and breech bolt assembly on the rear of the action bars. See Picture 20.
  4. Guide the action bars into the receiver until stopped by the right shell latch.
  5. Push the carrier upward, depress and hold the right shell latch. See Picture 21.
  6. Slide the fore-end rearward until stopped by the left shell latch.
  7. Reach into the bottom of the receiver. Depress and hold the left shell latch. See Picture 22.
  8. Slide the fore-end rearward until stopped by the action bar lock.
  9. Push upward on the action bar lock. Slide the fore-end rearward approximately halfway.
  10. Replace the barrel and magazine cap.

WARNING! This firearm should be checked periodically by the Remington® Arms Company, Inc. or a REMINGTON RECOMMENDED GUNSMITH. This will ensure proper inspection and any  necessary replacement of worn or damaged parts.


07870maint.pngOver-lubrication should be avoided at all times. A thin coat of Rem™ Oil is all that is needed to prevent the possibility of rusting. See NOTE below.

When the firearm is to be stored, it should be carefully cleaned and thoroughly oiled. Outside surfaces should be wiped with a light coat of Rem™ Oil occasionally. See NOTE below.

When the firearm is to be reused, all excess lubrication must be removed. The chamber and bore must be thoroughly wiped dry.

NOTE: Remington Rem™ Oil is available from your local dealer. If your dealer is out of stock, ask him to order Rem™ Oil from their Remington distributor.

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