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Schematic and Parts List


The schematics on this page will help you identify the parts of your Pump Action Model 870 firearm.

MODEL 870™ Pump Action Shotgun


Parts List

View # Part Name View # Part Name

NOTE: 12 Ga. Express Listed Below

37 Locking Block Assembly
Locking Block Assembly (Oversize)
Locking Block Retainer
1 Action Bar Lock 39 Magazine Cap
2 Action Bar Lock Spring 40 Magazine Cap Detent
NOTE: All barrels (same gauge) are
interchangeable without adjustment.
41 Magazine Cap Detent Spring
3 Barrel Assembly 42 Magazine Follower
4 Breech Bolt
Breech Bolt Assembly
43 Magazine Plug, 3-Shot
7 Carrier
Carrier Assembly
44 Magazine Spring
8 Carrier Dog 45 Magazine Spring Retainer
9 Carrier Dog Follower 46 Receiver Assembly (Restricted)
10 Carrier Dog Follower Spring 47 Receiver Stud
11 Carrier Dog Pin 47b Recoil Pad Screw
12 Carrier Dog Washer 48 Safety Mechanism
13 Carrier Pivot Tube 49 Safety Mechanism Detent Ball
14 Connector, Left 50 Safety Mechanism Spring
15 Connector, Right 51 Safety Mechanism Spring Retaining Pin
16 Connector Pin 52 Sear
17 Ejector 53 Sear Pin
18 Ejector Rivet, Front 54 Sear Spring
19 Ejector Rivet, Rear 55 Shell Latch, Left
20 Ejector Spring 56 Shell Latch, Right
21 Extractor 57 Slide Assembly
22 Extractor Plunger 58 Stock Assembly
23 Extractor Spring 59 Stock Bearing Plate
24 Firing Pin 60 Stock Bolt
25 Firing Pin Retaining Pin 61 Stock Bolt Lock Washer
26 Firing Pin Retractor Spring
Fore-end (Wood Only)
62 Stock Bolt Washer
27 Fore-end Assembly 63 Trigger Assembly (Restricted)
28 Fore-end Tube Assembly 64 Trigger Pin
29 Fore-end Tube Nut 65 Trigger Plate, R.H. Safety Mechanism (Restricted)
Trigger Plate, L.H. Safety Mechanism (Restricted)
Trigger Plate Assembly, R.H. Safety Mechanism
Trigger Plate Assembly, L.H. Safety Mechanism
30 Front Sight 66 Trigger Plate Pin, Front
33 Hammer 67 Trigger Plate Pin, Rear
34 Hammer Pin
Hammer Pin Washer
68 Trigger Plate Pin Bushing
35 Hammer Plunger 69 Trigger Plate Pin Detent Spring, Front
36 Hammer Spring 70 Trigger Plate Pin Detent Spring, Rear
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