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Can I put a magazine tube extension on a Model 870 12-gauge shotgun?

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In order to shoot additional rounds in the Model 870 12 gauge shotgun, some customers choose to add on a magazine tube extension.  However there are some details that you need to know before investing in this modification.

Newer Model 870's built after 1993 cannot be fitted with magazine tube extensions without modification as they have a new style magazine spring retainer system.

The magazine tubes have indents, which hold the magazine spring retainer just below the magazine cap threads. These indents will interfere with shell movement, possibly causing a jam.

Older Model 870's can be fitted with magazine tube extensions without modification; these can generally be ordered through your local retailer as they are a point of purchase item.  For details on these kits click HERE.  You can also order the components separately through our online store at

Be sure to know the local laws and regulations in your area before making any alterations or modifications.


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