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Can you tell me the main differences between the Model 870 Express and the Model 870 Police Model?

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Structurally the two receivers of the Model 870 Express and Model 870 Police are identical. The only difference will be that the Police model will have a more durable finish. The magazine tubes will be slightly different. The Model 870 Express will have two indents in the magazine tube to accommodate the new style plastic magazine spring retainer. However, this prevents the Express model from accepting a magazine tube extension without alteration to the tube.

Other differences to the Police model include sling swivel studs, a shorter fore-end, heavier shell latches, a heavier sear spring and a heavier magazine spring.

You can view more details on the 870 Express 18" by going to the 870 shotgun section of our website here.

The 870 Police model can be viewed on the Law Enforcement website at


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