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Proper Use of the Safety


This airgun is equipped with an automatic safety, be sure that it is in the “SAFE” position after the airgun is cocked. 


Proper Use of the Safety

  • The ExpressSeries air rifles are equipped with a cross-bolt style safety located at the rear of the receiver.
  • When the rifle is cocked, the safety protrudes on the left, indicating it is “on safe”.  See Figure 4

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 9.44.14 AM.png

  • When you are ready to shoot, push the safety button to the right, exposing the red end, indicating it is “on Fire”. See Figure 5.

  • Safety can be put back “on Safe” by pulling the Reset Lever back to the 12 o’clock position until you hear the audible click of the safety moving back to the left “safe” position. Once you hear the click, move the reset lever back to the down or 9 o’clock position. See Figure 6.

NOTE: The safety reset lever can only reset the safety to the “Safe” position if the airgun is cocked. If the airgun has been discharged, the safety can ony be reset to the “Safe” position by cocking the rifle. 

airgun warning.PNG

NOTE: Pulling the trigger of this airgun when the barrel is in the downward cocked position, with the safety in the "Fire" position, will "catapult" the barrel to the closed position with great force.  Causing the airgun's barrel to "catapult" is considered abuse and is not covered by any warranty, repair policy and/or service contract.

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