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Loading your Airgun


Proper loading technique for your airgun.


These features reflect the more sophisticated requirements of precision adult airgun shooting.  These non-powder guns are intended for use by experienced adult shooters who understand their proper and safe use.

airgun warning loading.PNG

Loading your Airgun

Airgun pellets are loaded and shot one at a time.
Be sure to use airgun pellets of the correct caliber for your airgun.


  • Always keep the airgun pointed in a safe direction.
  • With the safety in the “Safe” position and the barrel is in the open and cocked position, visually verify the barrel is free of obstructions. See “To Check the Barrel of Obstructions” section of this manual.
  • Place the solid end of the pellet directly into the barrel’s chamber. See Figure 7



  • Push the pellet into the barrel chamber, until the skirt of the pellet (open end) is flush with the edge of the chamber.
  • Lock the barrel closed by rotating it upward until you hear the locking mechanism click.  See Figure 3.


  • Verify the safety is in the “Safe” position. See Figure 4.



  • If the safety is in the “Fire” position, conduct steps 1 through 7 of the “How to Cock your Airgun” section of this manual.


NOTE: Closing the barrel forcefully can damage the airgun and is considered abuse and misuse. Abuse and misuse of the airgun is not covered by warranty of this airgun.

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