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Shooting your Airgun Safely


How to shoot your airgun safely.

Shooting your Airgun Safely

To do so permits the piston to slam hard against the front of the compression chamber. Repeated “dry firing” can damage your airgun.
It needs the cushioning action of the air compressing behind a properly fitting pellet to work correctly. Also, for this reason, you should not shoot damaged or previously fired pellets. Steel BB’s and darts, low quality or irregular pellets can damage your airgun and should not be used. Any other unauthorized projectiles are not recommended.
Shoot your airgun shortly after cocking and loading. Do not leave the airgun cocked for extended periods of time.

1. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
2. Verify the barrel is free of obstructions. See “To Check the Barrel of Obstructions” section of this manual.
3. Load the airgun. See “Loading your Airgun” section of this manual.
4. Point the muzzle at your intended target.
5. Disengage the safety mechanism by moving the safety to the “Fire” position. See Figure 5.

6. Acquire the target.
7. Discharge the airgun by pulling the trigger when ready.

8. Break open the action. See Figure 1.

9. Look into the chamber and visually check to see the barrel is empty.

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