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Which Pellets to Use


The all important ingredient to airgun shooting success:

Which Pellets To Use?

You need several different kinds.

Airgun pellets, just like firearm ammunition, are available in a great variety of weights and shapes to suit particular shooting needs.  The following will help you select the type of pellets that will work best for you.  Keep in mind that each air rifle and air pistol is an individual and it requires some experimentation on your part to find just exactly the types of pellets that will work best for each of your particular airguns.


The quality of the pellets that you shoot in your airguns will determine the success you have on the target range or in the field.  It is essential to shoot only high quality pellets in spring-piston airguns.  Low quality or deformed pellets not only result in poor accuracy but can actually damage these airguns by allowing compressed air to blow by the pellet and cause the piston to slam harshly against the forward end of the compression chamber.


Always use proper pellets.  use only high quality pellets to avoid harmful oils, abrasive material and airgun wrenching air blow-by.  Precision adult airguns are intended for use only with precision airgun pellets; steel shot or darts are not recommended and generally damage rifled bores and may cause dangerous ricochet or rebound.  Properly seated pellets should not show rub marks on rear of skirt when breech is reopened prior to firing.  Damaged, used, or unauthorized projectiles may be unsafe.

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