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The Perfect Spring Air Rifle Shot


Breaking in your Remington Air Rifle doesn't need to be difficult. Follow these steps for safe and accurate shooting.

Ten Rules of Airgun Safety:Edit section

  1. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  2. Airguns should be unloaded when not in use.
  3. Don't rely on your airgun's safety.
  4. Be sure of your target and what's beyond it.
  5. Use proper projectiles and propellants.
  6. If your airgun fails to fire, handle with care.
  7. Always wear eye and ear protection when shooting.
  8. Be sure the barrel is clear of obstructions.
  9. don't alter or modify your airgun.
  10. Learn the mechanics and handling characteristics of your airgun.

The Perfect Spring Air Rifle Shot

Follow these 12 steps for improved results:

  1. Spring piston air rifles take 500-1000 shots to completely break in. Groups may be erratic for the first 100 shots or so.
  2. DO NOT bench rest on ANY solid object! Rest your hand on the solid object and place the forestock of the air rifle in your hand. For best results, buy an inexpensive sand bag and fill with sand.
  3. Rest the forend of the stock on the sand bag, NEVER the barrel.
  4. Do not pull the trigger if the barrel is in the open position. The barrel will fly up, bend and could cause injury. A cracked and/or broken stock will occur! This will always void the warranty!
  5. Whether your air rifle is a break barrel or an underlever, you should always keep one hand on the cocking lever while cocking and loading.
  6. Hold the air rifle LOOSELY at the forend, at the grip, and in the shoulder. Spring piston air rifles become INACCURATE if held tightly.
  7. Changing your shooting position or grip can and will change your point of impact.
  8. Scopes should be mounted 2.75" to 3" away from your eye. Always make sure you use a scope that is rated for air rifles.
  9. Squeeze the trigger, don't jerk or pull it.
  10. After squeezing the trigger, stay on target for a couple of seconds. FOLLOW THROUGH IS VERY IMPORTANT! For best results hold position until you see the target hit.
  11. Remember each air rifle is an individual and has its own characteristics. To achieve the best performance, you should try a selection of pellets to see which pellet your airgun shoots the best.
  12. Your air rifle, your pellet, and your scope don't know where the target is. It's up to you to use proper shooting technique while following the Ten Commandments of Shooting Safety.
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