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Can I purchase a barrel for my older Model 1100 20 gauge?

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The Model 1100 20 gauge has gone through a transformation since it's introduction in 1964.

It originally was designed off of a full size 12 gauge frame.  Lighter wood and eventually a lighter frame design was developed and is still in production today.


The following may help you identify which version you have:

Last letter of serial number Frame Size  
X = 20 ga. Full size frame 20 ga-Standard size 2" frame/receiver
N = 20 ga. magnum Full size frame 20 ga magnum-Standard size 3" frame/receiver
K = 20 ga. lightweight Full size frame 20 ga-Pre-1977 2" frame/receiver (LW)
K = 20 ga. lightweight Small size frame 20 ga-Post 1977 2" frame/receiver (LT)
U = 20 ga. lightweight magnum Small size frame-20 ga magnum 3" frame/receiver

We currently offer barrels for LT20 (lightweight) 20 gauge frames. We began producing the Model 1100 marked LT20 in 1977.


Unfortunately we do not have barrels that fit the large frames (marked LW 20) and have a serial number ending in the letter "K",

Please contact the obsolete part dealers below for information on obtaining barrels that fit your larger framed 20 gauge receiver. If you have a question about whether you have an LT frame call our Parts Department at 800-243-9700.

Corson's Shotgun Barrels
2124 Pawnee Drive
Kingman, AZ 86401
(928) 718-4282 E-mail

B & M Specialties
6021 Hickory Wood Drive
Speedway, IN 46224
(317) 291-6558

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