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Will all barrels for the Model 1100 fit on the Model 1100 Special Field shotgun?

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Any Model 1100 barrel currently produced, within the same gauge, will fit on the Model 1100 Special Field receiver. Unlike the Model 870, the Model 1100 barrel guide ring (gas cylinder) is located in the same location as the standard Model 1100. Thus the shorter magazine tube of the Special Field Model 1100 has no effect on fit.

A list of the extra barrels available are located on our site HERE.

Older 20 gauge receivers and barrels do not interchange with current barrels and receivers. If your 20 gauge serial number ends in an "X" or a "N", current lightweight barrels may not interchange with your receiver, to double check this prior to ordering, please call us with your serial number at 1-800-243-9700.

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