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Schematic and Parts List


The schematics on this page will help you identify the parts of your firearm.

Model 710, 715, 770 Bolt Action Centerfire Rifle

Exploded View


Schematic is provided for part identification only and should not be used as a guide to assemble the firearm.

Parts List

Note: Parts are subject to change without notice.

View # Part Name View # Part Name
1 Firing Pin Assembly


Latch Spring
2 Bolt Body Assembly 15 Latch Pivot Pin
3 Bolt Assembly Pin 16 Magazine Latch
4 Bolt Head 17 Recoil Bracket
5 Extractor 18 Stock
Stock Assembly Complete
6 Ejector Spring 19 Rear Take-Down Screw
7 Ejector 20 Magazine Assembly; LA
8 Ejector Pin
Bolt Assembly Complete
21 Middle Take-Down Screw
9 Scope Rail Screw (4) 22 Front Take-Down Screw
10 Scope Rail
Scope (Not Shown)
23 Bolt Stop
11 Receiver Insert Assembly 24 Support Screw
12 Barrel Assembly 25 Bolt Stop Spring
13 Recoil Pad 26 Magazine Assembly; SA
    27 Recoil Pad Screw (2)
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