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What Bullet knives has Remington offered?

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Remington has been offering the Bullet Knives since 1982.

These were a special run of knives with an identifiable "bullet" insignia on each.

Some were available in special tins or with a matching Bullet Knife poster designed by Larry Duke.

Listing of Knives

2014 The Forester, Jr.
2013 The Forester
2012 Old Faithful
2011 Lock Stock-Barrel
2010 Double Strike
2009 Big Daddy Barlow
2008 The Veteran
2007 The Renegade
2006 The Trail Boss
2005 The Maverick
2004 Old Reliable
2003 The Pioneer
2002 The Apprentice
2001 The Mariner
2000 The Navigator
1999 Ranch Hand
1998 Hunter-Trader-Trapper
1997 The Lumber-Jack
1996B Trail Hand
1996A Trail Hand
1995 Master Guide
1994B Camp
1994A Camp
1993 The Bush Pilot
1992A The Guide
1992A The Guide
1991 The Mini-Trapper
1990 The Tracker
1989B The Trapper
1989A The Trapper
1988B The Muskrat
1988A The Fisherman
1987 The Fisherman
1986 The Hunter
1985 The Woodsman
1984B The Lock-Backs
1984A The Lock-Backs
1983 The Baby Bullet
1982 The Bullet Knife

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