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Can I get more information on the Model 673?

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The Model 673 which was offered from 2003-2004 was only offered in certain short action and short action magnum calibers.

The Model 673 uses a short action platform that will not accommodate the long action calibers. 


The Model 673 will accept scope mounts. The scope base is a standard Model Seven scope base. (post 1999 with the 4 holes) Use a small compact scope with medium rings. You can use a 1 piece or a 2 piece base.

The screws used in the vent rib on the Model 673 are 6/48 and the Model 700 or Model Seven receiver plug screws will work.

673 rib exploded view.PNG


For more information please check out the Model 673 in the Firearms History section of our website.  Model 673 history

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