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Can I use my current Remington shotgun/choke with Hevi-Shot or Wingmaster HD Loads?

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Yes. Remington has extensively tested Hevi-Shot® and Wingmaster HD through various Rem™ Chokes. You can safely shoot lead, steel, Hevi-Shot, or Wingmaster HD in the following Rem Chokes:

Hevi-Shot choke

Wingmaster HD choke
Improved Cylinder
Improved Skeet
Sporting Clays

In order to safely shoot lead, Hevi-Shot, Steel or Wingmaster HD in a Full Rem Choke the choke tube must state "For Steel or Lead Shot". Also, no larger than #2 should be used in the Full choke.

Tighter chokes than .665” do not improve pattern percentages to any extent, and in fact, begin to produce more open patterns.

Hevi-Shot can produce cosmetic rub marks in barrels and chokes, simply a change in surface finish. Over an equal number of rounds, this rubbing is similar to that experienced with steel shot. Both materials create more choke strain than lead shot due to a more solid payload, therefore we do not recommend Hevi-Shot or Wingmaster HD in chokes marked "lead only".

With the Remington wad column, the Hevi-Shot and Wingmaster HD pellets rest on a cushioned pad in the shot container that allows the pellets to flow better through the choke. In addition, the Remington Hevi-Shot shot and Wingmaster HD container is much thicker than previous loaded rounds and that thickness minimizes pellet contact with the barrel or choke.

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