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Can I use my turkey gun for deer hunting?


Yes, the Model 870, 1100 or 11-87 turkey shotgun can be used for deer hunting. You would need to change either the barrel or choke tube to one that would correspond with the ammunition you would be using.

The Turkey Extra Full and Turkey Super Full choke tubes are too tight of a constriction to use with deer loads. Listed below you will find our choke tube recommendations for deer hunting:

Rifled Slugs-->Improved Cylinder Choke



   Rifled Slug                        Improved Cylinder Choke

Sabot Slugs-->Fully Rifled Barrel or rifled choke tube


Premier Accutip Slug                  Copper Solid Slug                Rifled Choke Tube (or fully rifled barrel)

Buckshot-->Modified Choke



                  Buckshot                                                    Modified Choke



If you wish to order an additional choke or replacement barrel, you can do so through your local dealer, by calling our parts department at 1-800-243-9700, or directly through our online store at

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