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Can the 11-87 SuperMag barrel seal activator be used on my standard 11-87 and 1100 3" chambered guns?

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A barrel seal activator is designed for use on the Model 11-87 12-gauge Super Magnum shotgun to improve performance when using light 2-3/4" loads. Since the barrel seal activator nullifies the compensation system, it is not needed on a Model 1100 because it already is a non-compensated system. Using the barrel seal activator on firearms other than the 11-87 Super Mag will prematurely wear out parts by causing excessive bolt speed, without enhancing function or performance. The reason it is used on the Model 11-87 Super Mag is because of the wide range of ammo that the gun is required to shoot. In order to allow the 11-87 Super Mag to shoot a wide variety of loads, we implemented using the barrel seal activator.


11-87 Super Mag Barrel Seal Activator

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