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Do you offer updates on the Model 3200?

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Remington no longer offers parts or service for the Model 3200.
For Parts & Service to your Model 3200, please contact the business listed below.

Laib's Gunsmithing
201 Hwy 23 North
Spicer, MN 56288
Phone: 320-796-2686
Fax: 320-796-4570

Model 3200 Update:
This service is offered to replace parts that can be worn over time and to help insure an extended life for the firearm. You can find instructions for sending your firearm to Laib's Gunsmithing in the Support > Repair Services section of our website here.

The following parts involved in the update are:
Bottom Tang
Bottom Tang Pin
Bottom Tang Screw
Ejector Stop Pin
Ejector Tip
Ejector Tip Rods (left & right)
Firing Pin Retractor
Hammer Assembly (left & right)
Hammer Cocking Rod
Sear Block
Sear Block Pin
Sear (left & right
Sear Spring
Selector Block
Tang Block Screw
Tang Block Slot Nut
Tang Connecting Block
Tang Strut
Tang Strut Pin
Top Lock
Top Lock Latch
Top Lock Lever Plunger Assembly
Top Lock Lever Screw
Trigger Adjusting Screw
Trigger Adjusting Screw Nut
Trigger Connector Spring Pin
Yoke Rod
Yoke Rod buffering Spring
Yoke Rod Buffer Washer
Yoke Rod Nuts
A Barrel Band is installed on 30" barrels along with a barrel band pin.


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