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How can I remove the residue left in the barrel from the .22 rounds with the wax coating?

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Many rimfire bullets are made of lead. Because lead bullets are soft they have a tendency to strip or rub off some of their outer material as they travel down the barrel. Depending on the condition of the firearm's bore, this “lead fouling” will degrade accuracy after a certain number of shots and must be removed from the barrel in order to restore optimum performance. Most ammunition manufacturers apply a wax-like coating to the bullet which reduces the amount of lead deposited into the bore of the firearm as each shot is fired. This wax lubricant can also assist the feeding of the bullet from the magazine into the chamber in some semi-auto firearms. The build-up of wax lubricant and lead in the firearm's barrel can usually be removed with Remington's Bore Cleaner™ or Brite Bore™ products. Rem™Action Cleaner can be used to remove wax build up in magazines and the action of rimfire firearms. You can find many of these cleaning products through your local dealer or through our online store at

Another means of reducing lead fouling in rimfire guns is achieved by applying a very thin layer of copper or brass plating to the bullet. This plating process is usually applied to high velocity rimfire ammunition because lead fouling in the barrel increases as velocity of the ammunition increases.


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