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How can I request a donation for my organization's upcoming fundraising event?

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Thank you for thinking of the Remington Arms Company and offering us the opportunity to help assist with your event by providing a donation, or sponsorship.  For organizations in the United States we have a specially designed discount promotional package program which consists of packages that include Remington products, premiums, and literature. At this time, however, we are not able to offer this program to our Canadian friends because of custom regulations and duties, as well as the import permits and export licenses required.


Anytime we receive a request for donations or sponsorship we ask that you please forward this request, as well as any supporting documentation to our corporate office by email.  Once received it will be reviewed and you will be notified as soon as possible as to the status of your request.  Due to the thousands of requests we receive each year, we  unfortunately are unable to provide free products to all of the worthy events and programs that are brought to our attention. Again we appreciate you thinking of us in this matter and look forward to your submittal.  Please send request to the appropriate email address below:


Thank you for your individual support and commitment to your program and its benefits to those who enjoy Remington products in Remington Country.

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