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How does Hevi-Shot or Wingmaster HD pattern in tight Turkey Chokes?

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Because of the superior ballistic performance of Hevi-Shot and Wingmaster HD pellets, an increase in pattern density versus lead will occur, especially beyond 35 yards. When choke diameters are tighter than .665”, pattern density begins to degrade.

Hevi-Shot and Wingmaster HD will produce the tightest patterns through a choke of approximately 0.675” diameter + .005”. We do not recommend Hevi-Shot or Wingmaster HD in lead only chokes however in laboratory testing, a standard full choke (.691”) produced an average pattern density of 88% in a 30 inch circle at 40 yards. The I.C. choke (.718”) produced an average of 70%, considered to be the industry standard pattern density for “full” choke.

Remington's Wingmaster HD extended Turkey choke tube has been optimized with this 0.675” diameter to consistently produce incredible 94% patterns.

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