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How often should I clean the bolt on my model 700ML?


You should thoroughly clean the bolt and firing pin assembly after each use and especially before long term storage. This cleaning should involve removing the firing pin assembly from the bolt and cleaning each with a recommended powder solvent and lubricating oil. Complete instructions are included in your owner's manual which is available for immediate download HERE.


To Clean the Bolt Assembly


1. Remove the bolt assembly from the firearm. See instructions on page 9 of the owner's manual.
2. Pull the bolt assembly away from the firing pin assembly by hooking
the notch on the firing pin head over a metal edge and pulling. See
Picture 22. Insert a coin into the slot that will become visible in the
side of the firing pin head.

3. Holding the bolt assembly, unscrew the firing pin assembly and slide it out of the bolt body.
CAUTION: Clean the firing pin assembly as a unit. No further disassembly is required.
4. Clean all parts with Remington® All-Natural Bore Cleaner and dry with a clean cloth.
5. Apply a light coat of Rem™ Oil to all parts.
NOTE: The trigger assembly and bolt assembly should be lubricated with Rem™ Oil instead of Remington
Wonder Lube® paste for black powder. The use of a non-recommended lubricant could cause serious function
problems, possibly leading to accidental firing.


1. Slide the firing pin assembly into the rear of the bolt assembly.
2. Tighten the firing pin assembly by hand only.
3. Pull the coin from the slot in the firing pin head.
4. Align the firing pin head with the small notch in the rear of the bolt
assembly. The bolt is now cocked. See Picture 23.

5. Assemble the bolt assembly in the receiver. See instructions on page 9 of the owner's manual.

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