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Schematic and Parts List

OverviewEdit section

The schematics on this page will help you identify the parts of your Model 522 Viper firearm.

Model 522 Viper 22 Caliber Autoloading Rifle

522 schematic.PNG

Parts List

Parts subject to change without notice.


View No. Name View No. Name
1 Bolt Return Spring 18 Hold Open Return Spring
2 Bolt Spring Guide 19 Housing Assembly Complete (Restricted)
  Breech Bolt Assembly (Restricted)   Magazine Assembly (10 Shot)
3 Breech Bolt (Restricted) 20 Magazine Bottom
4 Carrier Sear Stop (Restricted) 21 Magazine Box
5 Elevation Screw (Not Shown 22 Magazine Follower
6 Extractor 23 Magazine Spring
7 Extractor Plunger 24 Operating Handle
8 Extractor Spring 25 Receiver/Barrel Assembly (Restricted)
9 Firing Pin (Restricted) 26 Rear Sight Aperature
10 Firing Pin Carrier (Restricted)   Rear Sight Assembly
  Firing Pin Carrier Assembly 27 Rear Sight Base
11 Firing Pin Retaining Pin (Restricted) 28 Rear Sight Base Screw
12 Firing Pin Spring 29 Rear Sight Slide
13 Firing Pin Spring Guide 30 Stock Assembly
14 Front Sight 31 Takedown Screw, Front
15 Front Sight Screw 32 Takedown Screw, Rear
16 Hold Open 33 Windage Screw (Not Shown)
17 Hold Open Retainer Pin    

NOTE: Restricted parts are for factory installation only.

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