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Cleaning and Maintenance


Routine maintenance is essential in keeping your Model 742 in proper working order.

Care of Rifle

Remington guns will remain clean longer and continue to give satisfactory all weather performance if little or no lubrication is used in barrel and action parts. However, when the rifle is returned to warmer room temperatures after cold weather use, moisture may form on interior as well as exterior metal surfaces. To remove this moisture wipe barrel bore, barrel chamber, and all breech and action parts and then re-oil sparingly.

Also give exterior surfaces of receiver and barrel attention after hunting. Fingerprints tend to form rust unless wiped away. To remove prints wipe all metal surfaces with an oiled cloth. Proper care after handling and hunting will insure long life and keep your Remington "Woodsmaster" in good shooting condition.

Model 742 Take Down for Cleaning

Simple tool use and picture directions are shown in this section. Please follow the numbered order to make the cleaning as complete as desired. Assemble in reverse order. Make certain barrel take down nut (Fig 6) is tight. An evaporating solvent is recommended for cleaning. Use necessary precautions. Lubricate thoroughly if laid away for some time.

Caution-For satisfactory operation the nozzle end of the gas tube must remain unchanged and not damaged in any manner. Therefore during assembly of fore-end action parts care must be taken that the matching hole in the action bar sleeve is guided carefully into position over the gas tube. The gas tube is self-cleaning.

IMPORTANT-For best accuracy, assemble fore-end firmly against receiver. When the fore-end screw is tightened the fore-end will automatically adjust for proper clearance to receiver.

Cartridge Chamber

Cartridge chamber in breech of barrel and rifle bore must always be clean. Use chamber brush supplied with each new gun. Removal of barrel from gun (Fig 7) is recommended when cleaning chamber and bore (Fig A). Temporary chamber cleaning can be done through ejection port of receiver (Fig B). Use chamber brush with solvent, and wipe clean with cloth patch.

Remove and clean trigger plate assembly as unit (Fig C). No further take down of assembly necessary. Brush with solvent, allow to dry, re-oil sparingly.

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