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Operating the Firearm


Read detailed instructions about loading, unloading, and other operations of you Model 742 firearm.

IMPORTANT- Remove all oil or grease from barrel bore and cartridge chamber in breech of barrel before firing.


To Place on Safe

RED band marking on safety will not show when pushed ON SAFE.

To Fire

RED band marking on safety will show when safety is pushed across to FIRE position.



Unload Rifle

Place rifle on SAFE. Remove magazine and slide out live cartridges. Replace magazine and pull back operating handle to pull any live cartridge from barrel chamber. Make certain chamber and magazine are empty before closing action.

742 unload.PNG

Sight Adjustment

Factory sights on Remington high power rifles are targeted at 100 yards and carefully adjusted for average shooters at the factory.


Move rear sight to left by turning windage screw clockwise. This will move bullet impact at target to left. Turn windage screw counter clockwise to move rear sight to right. Bullet impact will then move to right.


Bullet impact at target will lift or range increase by raising rear sight. Raise rear sight by sliding notched sight step beneath sight. Bullet impact will drop, or range decrease if sight is lowered.

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