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Operating the Firearm


The Remington Model 788 is a high power rifle with an extremely strong action. The full length stock has a form fitting pistol grip. The receiver is fitted with removable plug screws for telescope mounts. The bolt can be moved easily for takedown.

To Put Bolt in Rifle

Your Model 788 is shipped from the factory with bolt removed from rifle. Place bolt into receiver with bolt handle in 2 o'clock position. Push bolt forward into rifle.

To Cock Bolt

Bolt must remain cocked to put into rifle. If bolt "uncocks", firing pin head will snap forward into cocking cam in rear of bolt. To cock bolt, hold firing pin head (Fig 2) firmly to prevent movement. Use vise jaws if available. Raise bolt handle. Bolt will cam cocking surface (beneath handle) against firing pin head. Continue raising handle until cocking detent on rear of bolt engages firing pin head. Bolt is then cocked and ready for re-entry to rifle.

788 pic 2.PNG

To Remove Bolt

Raise bolt handle to unlock bolt and pull bolt rearward to bolt stop. Rotate and hold safety forward and withdraw bolt from rifle.

CAUTION:  While handling, carrying, loading or unloading rifle, make sure that muzzle is pointed in a safe direction.

Safety (Fig 1)

Close bolt and push safety to rear stop position, marked "S" on receiver. Trigger cannot be pulled to fire rifle.


Push safety to front stop position marked "F" on receiver. Trigger can be pulled to fire rifle.

CAUTION:  Before firing make sure barrel is clear-free of heavy oil, grease or any obstruction.

To Single Load

Place safety On Safe. Raise bolt handle to unlock bolt. Pull bolt handle back to open action. Load cartridge directly into chamber. Close bolt and lower bolt handle to lock action closed. Rifle is now ready to fire.

To Unload Chamber

Place safety On Safe. Pull bolt rearward carefully until bullet tip clears chamber. Lift cartridge from rifle.

788 pic 1.PNG

CAUTION: Open action and check chamber in breech of barrel to make sure no round remains in rifle.

To Magazine Load

Grasp front and rear of magazine between thumb and fore-finger. Press magazine release and pull magazine from rifle. Load cartridges into magazine. magazine capacity for all calibers other than 222 or 223 Rem. is three (3) cartridges. When fully loaded, 222 or 223 Rem. magazine will hold four (4) cartridges. To replace magazine, press magazine evenly into rifle until it clicks into position.

To Unload Magazine

Place safety On Safe. Lift bolt handle, pull bolt rearward and remove cartridge from chamber. Leave bolt in open (rear) position and remove magazine from rifle. Carefully slide cartridges forward and out of magazine.

Sight Adjustment

Factory sights on Remington high power rifles are targeted at 100 yards and carefully adjusted at factory for average shooters. If your rifle does not appear to shoot accurately it does not necessarily mean that sights are improperly aligned. Individual differences in eyesight or method of shooting may require sight realignment. Before attempting ot re-align sights it should be realized that the greater the group size the more difficult it becomes to determine where rifle is shooting (center of impact). A consistent method of holding rifle, aiming and squeezing trigger will aid in obtaining a small group size. different sight settings are required for each cartridge type, bullet type and weight, barrel length, each range and wind condition and, most likely, each individual shooter. To test rifle for accuracy place large target in safe area at desired range. (Before testing at a longer range it is advisable to fire a few rounds at 50 yards. At this range, bullets will generally hit somewhere on target). Shoot from a prone or sitting position giving body and elbows solid support. Fire four or five shots per group, using ammunition with which you plan to hunt. Shoot carefully and deliberately. If groups are at desired point, sights are correctly adjusted, if not, you should adjust sights. If shots are too high, loosen elevation screw and lower rear sight. If shots are too low, rear sight should be raised. If rifle shoots left, rear sight (Fig 3) should be moved right. Should rifle shoot to right, move rear sight to left. (Turn windage screw to loosen sight leaf). Always move rear sight in direction you want rifle to shoot. Information about trajectory or ballistics of your favorite load may be found in the Remington Firearms and Ammunition Catalog.

788 pic 3.PNG

Cleaning and Care

Caution: Before cleaning make sure rifle contains no live ammunition. To make cleaning of barrel and bolt easier, bolt should be removed from rifle. To clean barrel use lightly oiled, soft cloth and clean from breech to muzzle. Scrub barrel bore and cartridge chamber with a good bore solvent, if necessary. Wipe dry and re-oil bore and chamber very lightly. Brush face of bolt to remove shooting residue. Wipe dry and re-oil very lightly. Additional care and cleaning of bolt parts can be done, if necessary.

Action Care and Disassembly

Remove stock and bolt if necessary to clean action or replace parts. Unscrew and remove front and rear guard screws. Trigger guard may then be removed by pivoting downward until it pulls free of floor plate. Lift stock away from action and barrel. Clean bolt and action in solvent and wipe clean. Reverse procedure to reassemble.

To Disassemble Bolt Parts

Bolt assembly may be cleaned and oiled as a unit. Should disassembly be required. proceed as follows: With bolt cocked (handle down), insert pin (close fitting through holed in both sides of bolt plug (Fig 2). Lift handle and remove bolt from rifle. Unscrew and remove bolt plug-firing pin assembly. To reassemble, screw assembly into bolt until firing pin head contacts rear of bolt. Back off (counter-clockwise) until firing pin head snaps into detent on rear edge of bolt. replace bolt into rifle. With handle down, remove pin from bolt plug.


Your Remington Model 788 will remain clean longer if little or no oil is used on parts of action. Lubricate cam surfaces on bolt to prevent wear. Wash action and bolt parts with a good grade of petroleum solvent, dry and re-oil very lightly. After handling, wipe barrel, receiver and all steel parts to prevent rusting. Invisible "prints" of moisture can cause rust unless removed. After using in wet weather dry and wipe steel parts with oil to prevent rusting. Abrupt changes in temperature can cause condensation and wetness. Therefore, special care is needed to interior steel parts to prevent rust. When shooting in freezing weather, remove excess oil for best results. Use dry graphite if necessary to lubricate metal parts.


Rifle should be checked periodically by a competent gunsmith to ensure proper inspection and any necessary replacement of worn or damaged parts.


Remington firearms are designed, manufactured and proof tested to standards based on factory loaded ammunition. Improperly loaded handloads can be dangerous. Remington Arms Company, Inc. cannot assume responsibility for damages or injury caused by handloads or reloaded ammunition.

This gun has been manufactured to Remington specifications and shipped from the factory suitable for use. Remington does not recommend and is not responsible for any alteration or modification to the gun not made by Remington factory personnel, nor the replacement of worn or damaged parts with those not of Remington manufacture.

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