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The batteries for my Remington 2020® Digital Optic System will not charge, can I get replacements?

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My batteries will not charge, can I get replacements?


 In the vast majority of cases, this is not actually a problem with the batteries.  After production of the Remington 2020 Digital Optic Systems began, an issue with the programming in the charging cradle was found that would prevent the cradle from recognizing a deeply-discharged battery could be charged.  This would cause the cradle to not charge the battery and turn on the red indicator light when charging was attempted.  The programming of the ‘firmware’ in the cradle was corrected and cradles with the updated firmware were marked with a sticker on the bottom of the cradle.  The sticker used was in two primary forms, but the presence of ANY sticker indicates the cradle firmware is up-to-date.  One version was simply a white sticker with the number 2 hand-written on it.  (See the attached picture.)  The other common form was a small rectangular sticker with the following text on it:



If your cradle does NOT have an additional sticker, we will exchange your charging cradle for one with the updated firmware.  Contact us at 800-243-9700 to make arrangements for exchanging your charging cradle.


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