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What choke tubes are suggested for slugs?


For optimum accuracy, it is important to have the right combination of slug and choke tube. 


Rifled Slug

If you are using a Foster style rifled slug like the Slugger Rifled Slugs, Slugger Managed-Recoil Rifled Slugs, or Slugger High Velocity Slugs, we recommend using a smooth bore barrel with an improved cylinder choke tube. Using a rifled choke tube may deform the slug which could then cause an inaccurate shot.



Rifled Slug                        Improved Cylinder Choke


Sabot Slug

For shooting sabot slugs such as our Premier Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded Sabot Slugs, Premier Copper Solid Sabot Slugs, Premier Accutip Bonded Sabot Slug,  a rifled choke tube should be installed in the smooth bore barrel. Optimal performance with sabot slugs can be obtained from our fully rifled slug barrels.
Since these slugs do not have any rifling on them, they will need rifling from the choke tube or fully rifled barrel to insure optimum accuracy.


Premier Accutip Slug                  Copper Solid Slug                Rifled Choke Tube (or fully rifled barrel)


Both the smooth bore barrels and fully rifled barrels as well as a number of choke tubes are available from Remington for most Remington Model 870, Model 1100, and Model 1187 shotguns.  You can order these through your local dealer, by calling our parts department at 1-800-243-9700 M-F 9am-5pm EST or through our online store at

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