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What cleaning products do you recommend for use with the Model 700 muzzleloader?

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Vortex Bore Cleaner is an ideal cleaning product for black powder firearms. This five-minute, non-toxic, one-step black powder bore cleaner is quick, convenient, re-usable and won't harm blued or stainless metals or wooden stocks. Now you can spend more time shooting and less time cleaning.

Our all-natural Wonder Lube paste is a remarkably versatile product that no black powder shooter should be without. As both a bullet and barrel lubricant, it speeds and simplifies loading, protects bores from corrosion, and eliminates the need to clean after each shot. Unlike petroleum products, all-natural Wonder Lube will not promote fouling build-up.

Remington does not recommend using the Wonderlube aerosol spray, WD-40 or any other similar sprays in a firearm.

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