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What is the best load to use in my Model 700 muzzleloader?

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The Model 700ML was an in-line black powder rifle based on the Model 700 short action receiver produced from 1996-2004. With this muzzleloader, we have received our best results on average using 90-grains of Pyrodex Select and about a 300 grain sabot. However, as with any muzzleloader, you will have to experiment to find which load will provide you with your best performance. This generally provides a good starting point. While the pellets are compatible, we have found our best performance to come with granular powder. Also, we would recommend swabbing the barrel in between each shot with a pre-lubed Remington cleaning patch to help minimize fouling and further season the barrel.


While the Remington Model 700 muzzleloader, can use up to three 50-gr. (150-gr. total) Pyrodex Pellets, or 150 grains of 2F black or Pyrodex powder, we have found our best results came with 90 to 120 grains of the granular blackpowder or equivalent.

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