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What is the proper care of the metal parts of a firearm?

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We would recommend applying a light coat of Rem-Oil to the exterior metal finish of your firearm both before you leave to hunt and during your normal post-hunt cleaning routine. Also, you should take some additional Rem-Oil with you into the field so that as soon as your hunt has ended and you are out of the adverse weather you can re-treat the metal finish with the Rem-Oil. Be sure not to store the gun in a tightly confined area (i.e. gun case) until it has been cleaned and allowed the opportunity to dry.

You can download an owner's manual for our current production firearms through the following link:  Owner's manual.

If you have an older or discontinued model, you can request older obsolete model manuals at the bottom of the owner's manual section of our site or through the following link: Obsolete owner's manuals.

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