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What is the recoil of the .300 Ultra Mag?

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Using the Model 700 and a scope set-up that adds one pound, gun weight for comparing the .300 Ultra Mag to the other .300's would run at 8 1/2 pounds. Using a computer program that takes the powder charge into account and an 8 1/2 pound gun for each test, the recoil energy is as follows:

.300 Win. Mag--180 grain bullet @ 2960 FPS--Recoil: 31.0 Ft-lbs
.300 Wby. Mag--180 grain bullet @ 3120 FPS--Recoil: 38.4 Ft-lbs
.300 Ultra Mag--180 grain bullet @ 3250 FPS--Recoil: 46.3 Ft-lbs


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