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What scope bases fit on the Remington ISP Model 799 and Model 798?

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Burris offers bases to fit the Model 798. Following are the part numbers. Contact a local dealer to purchase or order these bases.

(1 piece) 410215 (gloss)
(2 piece) 410296 (gloss) 410295 (matte)

Warne offers bases for both models. Remington does not offer these bases however contact a local dealer with the following part numbers to purchase or order.

Warne part numbers for mounts for a Remington 798

M902/830 (2 pc steel base)
S902/830 (2 pc sintered base)

Warne part numbers for mounts for a Remington 799

M880/806 (2 pc steel base)
S880/806 (2 pc sintered base)

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