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What should I use to refinish my older wooden stock?

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Stain selection depends entirely on how dark you desire your stock to be. The final choice should be governed by your taste. Applying a small amount of stain to the barrel channel inletting may be helpful to your decision making process.

NOTE: For best results, follow the stain manufacturer's directions closely, since the method of application and drying and curing time may vary.

There are many types of finish available on the market that will give a beautiful, durable finish, and unless you are familiar with the pros and cons of each finish, seek the advice of a finish expert. Your local hardware store may be a good place to look.

Boiled linseed oil or tung oil is an excellent choice of a wood sealer that penetrates and hardens to form a durable, low gloss finish. These finishes usually can be applied with a clean rag and allowed to soak in before the excess is removed. To enhance the natural wood grain, several coats are recommended with a buff of 4/0 steel wool between coats.

If you need further assistance, we suggest taking your firearm to a Remington Authorized Repair Center.

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