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Will Hevi-Shot or Wingmaster HD damage my Remington shotgun?

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When used in modern Remington shotguns, in good working condition, Remington Hevi-Shot or Wingmaster HD will not cause choke wear in low volume usage such as Turkey Hunting. However, cosmetic rub marks will occur. Remington’s guns with fixed full chokes will show similar results.

Remington Hevi-Shot and Wingmaster HD ammunition utilizes our super-tough, high density polyethylene shot container that minimizes contact between shot pellets and the barrel and choke. In addition, the pellets are cushioned at the bottom of the shot container to allow them to flow through the choke more easily.

For waterfowl hunters, where the shell usage is generally much higher, Remington recommends using chokes recommended for steel shot pellets. That is – skeet, IC, modified and full – “lead or steel”.

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