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Muzzleloader Terms


The following muzzleloading terms are frequently used in this manual. These will help understand the instructions.

Muzzleloader Terms:

Term Description
Black Powder The initial source of powder used in “antique” style guns
Black Powder Substitutes Has black powder characteristics, but not as corrosive
Breech Plug A threaded plug which retains the pressures created in the barrel
Breech Plug Grease Lubrication used to ease the removal of the breech plug
Flash Hole A hole in the breech plug allowing an ignition source to reach the powder
Ignition Source Used to ignite the powder charge
Jag(s) Ramrod attachment used for loading, cleaning and bullet removal
Load Includes both the powder and the projectile
Nipple The feature on the breech plug which locates the ignition source
Patches Used for cleaning, or as a seal between round ball and powder
Pellets Powder in pellet form or pelletized powder
Powder Charge The amount of powder used in the load
Powder Loose, granular projectile propellant
Projectile Sabot conicals, lubricated (lubed) conicals, and round ball
Primer Ignition source
Pulling Jag An attachment to a ramrod used to manually remove a projectile
Ramrod Used for loading, cleaning or bullet removal of a muzzleloader
Starter A tool used to start projectiles when loading muzzleloaders
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