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Schematic and Parts List

OverviewEdit section

The schematics on this page will help you identify the parts of your firearm.

Model 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader

ml schematic.PNG

Parts List

View # Part Name View # Part Name
1 Barrel Assembly 14 Magazine Insert
2 Breech Plug Assembly 15 Ram Rod Support
3 X-Mark Pro Trigger Assy. 16 Ram Rod Support Screw
4 Sear Pin 17 Firing Pin Assembly
5 Bolt Release Pin 18 Bolt Assembly
6 Bolt Release 19 Rear Peep Sight (Not on all Models)
7 Bolt Release Spring 20 Rear Sight Mounting Screw
8 Ram Rod Retention Spring 20 Rear Sight Mounting Screw
9 Ram Rot Retention Spring Screw 21 Rear Sight Mounting Screw
10 Stock Assembly-Wood 22 Front Sight Ramp (Not on all Models)
  Stock Assembly-Syn. (NS) 23 Front Sight Ramp Screws
11 Trigger Guard 24 Front Sight
12 Trigger Guard Screw, Front 25 Jag
13 Trigger Guard Screw, Front 26 Ram Rod
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