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Cleaning, Lubrication, and Maintenance


NEVER attempt to clean a loaded firearm. Make sure the rifle is completely unloaded (chamber and magazine empty) before cleaning. 


Routine maintenance is essential to keeping your Model Five firearm in top condition for years to come.


  1. Remove the bolt from the rifle.

  2. Select a cleaning rod and brush of the appropriate caliber for your rifle.

  3. Soak the cleaning brush with a quality gun cleaning solvent (such as Remington BriteBore® solvent or Remington Bore Cleaner).

  4. Push the cleaning rod and brush through the entire length of the barrel several times.

  5. Remove the brush from the cleaning rod and attach a dry cleaning patch to the patch attachment.

  6. Push the rod and dry patch through the entire length of the barrel several times. Repeat with another dry patch until the patch is no longer dirty.

  7. Put a patch saturated with a quality gun oil (such as Rem Oil®) on the rod tip.

  8. Push the oiled patch through the barrel several times.

  9. Remove the oiled patch from the rod tip, and insert another dry patch.

  10. Push the dry patch through the barrel several times to remove any excess oil from the barrel.

  11. When you have finished cleaning the interior of the barrel, visually check the bore to make sure no patches or other obstructions remain in the barrel.

  12. Apply a thin coat of gun oil to the outside of the barrel with a soft clean cloth. 


  1. Use a patch or soft clean cloth to clean powder residues and any other foreign materials from the bolt and receiver surfaces. To clean congealed lubricants or other hard to remove deposits, use a quality action cleaner (such as Rem Action Cleaner). (See Picture 18).

  2. Apply a light film of quality gun oil (such as Rem Oil®) along the bolt and receiver surfaces. Avoid applying too much lubricant - - only a light film is necessary. 



Never attempt to take your rifle apart further than as set forth in the Owner’s Manual. If further cleaning, service or repairs are needed, take your rifle to a competent gunsmith or return to Remington for service. 

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