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Schematic and Parts List


The schematics on this page will help you identify the parts of your Model 7600 firearm.

MODEL 7600™ Pump Action Centerfire Rifle








NOTE: Basic .30-06 Caliber listed below.

See Exploded View for proper identification of parts.

NOTE:  Parts subject to change without notice FOB Illion, New York

1 Action Bar Assembly 37 Magazine Latch
2 Action Bar Lock 38 Magazine Latch Spring
3 Action Bar Lock Spring 39 Rear Sight Aperture
4 Action Tube Assembly 40 Rear Sight Base
5 Action Tube Ring 41 Rear Sight Base Screw
6 Barrel Assembly 42 Rear Sight Slide
7 Barrel Extension Bolt 43 Receiver
8 Breech Bolt   Receiver Assembly
9 Butt Plate Frame (New Style not Shown)   Receiver Insert
10 Butt Plate Frame Screw 44 Receiver Plug Screw
  Butt Plate Insert (Not Shown) 45 Receiver Stud
  Butt Plate Insert Screw 46 Safety Mechanism
12 Cam Pin (Large) 47 Safety Mechanism Detent Ball
13 Cam Pin (Small) 48 Safety Mechanism Spring
14 Elevation Screw 49 Safety Mechanism Retaining Pin
15 Ejector Port Cover 50 Sear
16 Ejector 51 Sear Pin
17 Ejector Retaining Pin 52 Sear Spring
18 Ejector Spring 53 Stock
19 Extractor   Stock Assembly
20 Firing Pin 54 Stock Bearing Plate
21 Firing Pin Retaining Pin 55 Stock Bolt
22 Firing Pin Retracting Spring 56 Stock Bolt Lock Washer
23 Fore-End Assembly 57 Stock Bolt Washer
24 Fore-End Screw 58 Trigger Assembly
25 Fore-End Spacer 59 Trigger Pin
26 Fore-End Tip 60 Trigger Plate
27 Front Sight   Trigger Plate Assembly
28 Front Sight Ramp 61 Trigger Plate Pin Bushing, Front
29 Front Sight Ramp Screw 62 Trigger Plate Pin Bushing, Rear
30 Grip Cap 63 Trigger Plate Pin Detent Spring, Front
32 Hammer 64 Trigger Plate Pin Detent Spring, Rear
33 Hammer Pin 65 Trigger Plate Pin, Front
34 Hammer Plunger 66 Trigger Plate Pin, Rear
35 Hammer Spring 67 Windage Screw
36 Magazine Assembly    
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