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Stock Replacement Parts


So you're looking to upgrade that old Model 870 with some new hardware.  Or it could be you want to preserve that nice wood stock on your Model 7400 and replace it with a synthetic stock for hunting.  Before you make your purchase, be sure to educate yourself on any hardware and internal components that may also be needed for your alteration.

Stock Bolts

Over the years, Remington has offered 2 main stock bolt lengths.  The "long stock bolt" is 10 1/4" while the "short stock bolt" is 8 1/4". 


All of our current Model 870 shotguns, both wood or synthetic stocks, use the "long stock bolt".  The one exception is the Model 870 Jr. which uses the "short stock bolt".  However there was a time, prior to 2006, that the length of the bolt depended on which version of the Model 870 you owned.  Pre-2006 Model 870 Express shotguns had the short stock bolt.  So rule of thumb is if you are putting a new Remington replacement stock on your Model 870, be sure to have a long stock bolt.


If you have an autoloading or pump action rifle, the stock bolt length is based on the style of stock.  Wood stocks for the Model 7400, Model 7600, and Model 750 have a short stock bolt whereas the synthetic stock models use a long stock bolt.


stock bolt.PNG      stock bolt 2.PNG


Stock Bearing Plate

Another key component to be aware of is the stock bearing plate. All of our shotguns, autoloading rifles and pump action rifles with wood stocks have a stock bearing plate between the stock and the receiver.  This is to protect the wood stock from splitting and provide a solid fit.  If you are switching from a wood to a synthetic stock, be sure to remove this plate.  If you are going from a synthetic stock to a wood stock, be sure to have this plate in place or you will not have a solid fit.

receiver shotgun.PNG

      stock bearing plate shotgun.PNG                                                                 stock bearing plate rifle.PNG

Stock bearing plate on 12 ga shotgun models                        Stock bearing plate used on smaller gauge shotgun models as well as Models 7600, 7400, & 750


Both stock bearing plates and stock bolts can be ordered through our online store at keyword "stock bearing plate" or "stock bolt" depending on what you are looking for.  You can also order through our parts department by calling 1-800-243-9700 M-F 9am-5pm EST.

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