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Ballistics for Remington Shotgun Slug Ammunition


Ballistics for Remington Shotgun Slugs all in one spot for easy comparisons.

Managed-Recoil Slugger Rifled Slugs:

Devastating performance, but with 45% less felt recoil than full velocity Sluggers. Less recoil makes sighting-in more comfortable, while the accuracy and speed of second shots is greatly improved. And with effective energy out to 80 yards, it handles the majority of shotgun deer hunting ranges.

14REM4466_Slugs_MR Slugger_Specs_1150x230.jpg

Premier AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slugs:

Guided by our Power Port Tip, these bonded sabot slugs hit with a degree of accuracy and terminal performance unmatched by any other we've tested.


Slugger High Velocity Rifled Slugs:

This higher velocity slug exits the barrel at 1800 fps, 13% faster than standard 1 oz slugs. The 7/8 oz Slugger High Velocity delivers more energy at 50 yards with flatter trajectory on deer than standard 1 oz slugs.


Slugger Rifled Slugs:

Our most popular, accurate, hard-hitting slug.


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